The European Cycle Tourism Week is a Europe-wide event whose owner is the European Union of Cycle Touring  UECT.

This event is held annually in each of the countries with member federations of the UECT, as is the case of the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

It is an event with a high impact, in sports, economy and society in the region where it takes place, and in 2019, the historic village of Belmonte will be the stage of the XV SECT.

This is a leisurely cycling event, without hurry, without races, where the purpose is to discover the region through which the innumerable marked paths are unrolled and also others, only available in map or GPS. In 2019 the territory to be traveled will be the extensive region of Historical Villages of Portugal, in the center of the country, with the center in Belmonte. This territory is unknown to most of the foreign public and also to the Portuguese, being an important attraction for the event.

Throughout the week will be available: 3 marked daily courses (short, medium and long) with beginning and end in Belmonte, always different; 10 in-line routes to the most distant Historical villages; 2 challenges of great difficulty, with mountain and long distances; 1 route GPC - Great Cycling Route of the Historical Villages, with about 600km.

The available accommodation is divided into 2 parks for caravans, 1 camping park and about 350 beds in hotels and local accommodation.

The basic registration in the event is € 35 for members of a federation member of the UECT, € 50 for non-members of a federation member of the UECT.

The event is based on a logic of family participation, with planned cycling activities for children's, events and historical village tours for companions. There are specific prices for companions (not pedaling), children between 3-17 years and 18-25 years.

The provisional program is available at and applications will open in late November at

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